Limited Edition | 1 X CNY BALM 1 X CNY CHROME + Complimentary Comb



Limited Quantities.

Morris Motley // Treatment Styling Balm

Put simply, I developed the Treatment Styling Balm to fix problems. Think of it as a lightweight creme, with a stack of minerals punched into it. I hand made the Balm in the lab at Morris Motley for as long as possible until we couldn't keep up with demand. I'd crammed so much into this formula and it was so thick to mix, that for a period of time, it was looking impossible to manufacture! For those that are unfamiliar with the Balm, it is a smooth luxurious creme that is easy to apply and swells in the hair to create a strong, matte texture that is weightless. You get what you expect. Use a small amount and you'll thicken the hair and have a natural hold that moves. Use a lot of Balm and you'll get a very strong hold that remains pliable and washes out easily. 


Morris Motley // Chrome
In essence, Chrome is an alteration on our world famous Treatment Styling Balm.
It has a firmer more pliable hold, especially on coarse thick hair. Where Chrome really raises the bar is the versatility of the sheen that can be achieved in the hair. We are well aware that men don't want greasy hair, so after what feels like an eternity, we have created the most versatile shine product on the planet, that men actually want. The thick creme like texture gives the user the option to layer the product to achieve the desired amount of shine. A small amount will add pliability and a very faint natural sheen, a few more scoops and the hair will resemble Chrome. I will say, there is a specific technique to achieve this level of metallic like sheen and we will be producing an in depth video tutorial soon to demonstrate how to do it...
Chrome is 100% VEGAN friendly. Only premium ingredients selected that moisturise and condition the hair and scalp, while you use it…  Chrome washes out with only water and you’ll be surprised to see how amazing your hair feels after washing the product out...

Morris Motley // Wide Tooth Comb

Anti-static. Unbreakable. 

This is the exact comb we use in the Morris Motley studio for all the hairstyles we create. The wide teeth allow for firm tension, distributes the product evenly and controls the roots, without straining the hair causing breakage. 


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